Hi, I’m Becca Hope, and I’ve had a passion for reading and writing ever since I can remember. While being an author is my ultimate passion, I also have a desire to help writers achieve their writing goals. This is what has led me to be a virtual assistant for Celebrate Lit Publishing and Publicity Group. This experience has given me the opportunity to edit and find a new found love for it. I have been editing for three years now and have been trained by and worked with professional editors.

I am blessed to have writers in my own family that have led me and held my hand in this process so far. But I know that others may not have that advantage and that is where I come in.

Editing, dear writer, can be a long and arduous process. You’ve written your manuscript but now you have this daunting task ahead of you. And I’m here to help. My job is not to rip your beautiful story into shreds. Instead, I build off of your talents and give you suggestions and examples to enhance your writing.


Down below is a list of services I currently offer. I limit my work to novels and novellas that are clean or targeted towards a Christian audience. If you are interested in my services, I will read your first five chapters for free to ensure we are a good fit and to recommend what type of editing your manuscript needs if you are unsure.

    • In basic line editing, my main question I am asking is, does this make sense? During this process, I am focused on word choice, sentence structure, flow, and more.
      • Delivery time: 2-4 weeks
      • $0.003 per word
    • Proofreading is the last edit you need before submitting your manuscript. In this type of edit, I look at grammatical errors, misspelled words, incorrect word usage, spacing, etc. You want to make sure all other editing is complete before you jump into proofreading.
      • Delivery time: 2-4 weeks
      • $0.002 per word

For any questions on price, my services, or anything else, please contact me and I will get back to you within 24 hours!


Ransomed Peace

When romance fails the romance writer…

After being terrorized in an abusive relationship, Roxanne Cook finally feels like she’s starting to heal. Even though her mother is ill, her return to Bay Town and the arrest of her ex-boyfriend has allowed anxieties to slip away and has renewed her faith in God. Even her faith in romance seems to be restored as she develops a school-girl crush on a certain Max Tippet.

Everything comes crashing down, however, when Roxanne finds out her ex-boyfriend is released from jail. As her new-found peace unravels, Roxanne realizes that shedding her fears isn’t the same as facing them.

How will she trust in God to provide her the courage to escape the cycle that almost killed her?

Rahab’s Courage

A scarlet cord tethers one ruined woman to the salvation of mankind.

Harboring two fugitives in a city slated for destruction, Rahab has one small chance of escape. In exchange for their safety, she bargains for her own. Their agreement rewards her courage, and she flees Jericho and a life of prostitution for a new life among the people of Israel. Never again will she have to depend on anyone—especially men.

Except Salmah won’t take the hint.

High ranking soldier and leader of the tribe of Judah, Salmah is determined not to repeat his parents’ mistakes. He will keep the Lord’s commandments. Rahab’s growing faith fits right in with phase one of his plans: find a wife who loves the Lord and settle down in the new land.

Rahab finds shelter and meaning in the Lord’s ways until her past comes back to haunt her. As her new faith is put to test, she finds herself alone. Isn’t that what she’d always wanted?

With her courage waning, only the Lord can turn Rahab’s life around again, but will He do it before she loses everyone and everything that really matters to her—to her heart?

Mayhem and Moonlight

Left at the altar holding the bill, a boatload of college debt, and piddly librarian salary has her praying for a miracle.

Lillian Murphy takes her life verse from a book title—A Series of Unfortunate Events. Could be it was on account of her jumping into things without first dipping a toe in to test the waters that landed her in such a position. A cozy, cardboard box would suit her just fine if she could find a way to heat it, but she’s hoping the good Lord will do some better. She’s done dreaming of happily-ever-after – She’d settle for just debt- and drama-free.

Luca Giordano knows the minute he lands in Shelbyville, Tennessee with his three young boys that he’s in over his head. Leaving the pain of his past behind, he’d also left his parents—and they’d done the heavy lifting. All his charts, graphs, and scheduling expertise isn’t enough. What kind of a productivity expert is he if he can’t be…productive? What he needs is a part-time Mary Poppins to swoop in and fill in for his gargantuan gaps—and Librarian Lillian seems the perfect solution.

But when Luca’s past converges with the present—and Lillian’s the catalyst—everything he loves most is at risk. How will a free spirit and fusspot find a way to happy ending?

Love Like No Other

Trying to overcome a past like hers might just help him overcome his.

Alicia Gray wants one thing: to prove her capabilities as a doctor. Maybe then she can escape the feeling that her mother’s abandonment was deserved. She’s never felt worthy and grew up in foster home after foster home, always being told that if she did better, if she was more amenable, she’d find her place. When she came to Suamalie, the last thing she expected to find was a man whose grumpy personality conflicted so piercingly with her sunshine demeanor.

Colin Tremblay was dishonorably discharged from his army medic position and sent home in disgrace after his twin brother stole from his clinic. Back on the islands, he’s bounced from job to job, never finding anything that satisfies him. To make matters worse, his twin niece and nephew convince him to spend his summer overseeing their camp activities while working alongside Little Miss Sunshine herself.

This grumpy versus sunshine romance is sure to send them both scrambling when Colin confronts Alicia’s need to please while she reminds Colin that not every bad day is a reason to run for the hills.

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.