Fables of Hope and Light: A Review

About the Book

Hardships can be found anywhere. On royal grounds and in the countryside. Inside dreams and books. Perhaps in another realm or on a golden road. Despite the location—trust, courage, and love can always be found to overcome adversity. A group of authors have come together, alongside Havelah McLat and editor Jannette Fuller, to share their heartwarming and whimsical stories. This collection of contemporary and fantasy stories is a must-read for those in need of hope along with a touch of the fantastical.

Book Review

Fables of Hope and Light is an anthology of short stories that are filled with hardships, yet also–as the title implies–hope. Each of the stories include a fantastical element, sometimes in an obvious way, but in others, a more subtle.

I loved getting to read each story and entering into so many different creative worlds. Being able to see the variety of tales that each author brought with their own unique imaginations was such a joy. No two stories were the same. Each one stood out in their own individual ways. And yet they always share the same theme of hope.

Not every fable was my cup of tea, but that’s okay. What I might like may be different from yours, and that’s the genius of this anthology–there is something for everyone. My favorites included The Last Dance and Otherworld Gateway, but yours may be Cursed Shoes or Those Days. To note–I loved every story and appreciate the time and effort each author contributed.

I’d highly recommend this anthology. Especially if you love stories that have a touch of fantasy to them. As mentioned before, there is something for everybody. For those who like subtle fantastical elements or those who love full on fantasy. For those who like romance or those who are looking for a more family-oriented story. For those who are seeking more of a redemption arc or those who want something more relatable. There is a story in here for you–I just know it.

I had received a complimentary copy of the book and this is my honest review.