Review of Amelia’s Heartsong by Blossom Turner

About the Book

Amelia Williams is only a humble farmer’s daughter, so her move from the Shenandoah valley to stay with her grandparents in the big city of Richmond, Virginia opens a host of new opportunities. 1868 is shaping up to be her best year ever, especially when her new friendship with the genteel Bryon Preston grows into more. But when his mother catches wind of their courtship, Amelia learns the hard lesson that her humble roots will never be enough for the future Preston heir. Love might not see boundaries between the aristocrat and the pauper, but the high society of Richmond surely do. 

Reeling from the pain of half-truths and broken promises, Amelia packs her heart away. Life will be much safer if she pours her focus into nursing. 

Yet, like a beautiful tapestry, God weaves Bryon back into her life. When her nursing duties bring her face to face with the pain of her past, is it too late to stitch the threads of trust and love back together? 

Book Review

Blossom Turner honestly has written two of some of my favorite books, Anna’s Secret and Katherine’s Arrangement. She tends to have a knack for writing romance stories that deal with heavy issues that draws you into the story. So I was really excited to read Amelia’s Heartsong to see what the author had next in store for her readers. 

Amelia’s Heartsong is the second book in the Shenandoah Brides series. The first one was about Katherine and her arranged marriage. This one is about Amelia. And, to be frank, I was not terribly invested in Amelia’s story. I was curious to see what happened between her and Bryon, but I was more interested in the continuation of Katherine’s story. What I supposed would be just a side plot seemed to end up taking over the whole novel. Not that it was a bad plotline; I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. But the book was not just about Amelia. About half or maybe even more focused on Katherine. 

Another reason I may not have been as interested in Amelia’s story is because, in general, I am not a big fan of romance. If I do read romance, there has to be a lot of humor or more to it than just a love story. And I feel like Katherine’s plotline has more meat to it than Amelia’s. Amelia’s seemed to just focus on the romance, and that was not something I was particularly drawn to. 

I’m not saying that I did not like this book. I believe that Blossom Turner is a very talented author. She once again wrote a novel that pulled at the heartstrings. She once again created very vivid characters that you just couldn’t help but fall in love with. And she once again made me excited for her next book.

4/5 stars. 

I had received a complimentary copy and this is my honest review.