The Composer’s Broken Melody: A Review

About the Book:

The melody of life is hard to live when past haunts drown out the music in the composer’s head…

Glenn Burkett, composer at The Music City Shoppe, believes his days of success are behind him. Grateful that Alex Martin and Seth Layne took a chance on hiring him when no one else would, Glenn strives to keep cranking out compositions. But, when his fellow coworker, lyricist, and top-notch nit-picker of his compositions leaves on a missions trip, will he be able to rise to the occasion or drown in his past?

Julian Dempsey, a foster child turned millionaire’s daughter, has come to the conclusion to trust no men…especially the brawny, tough ones. Avoiding men at all costs has been her life’s motto. But when the responsibility of picking up her church’s choir arrangements falls on Julian, she finds herself staring right in the blue eyes of a handsome and intimidating composer. Will she face her fear or run the other way?

As Independence Day and The Music City Shoppe’s annual performance nears, Glenn is at a loss as to how he’ll ever compose Seth’s requested concerto. When his past comes rearing its ugly head, will he sever ties or let it pull him under? Will the music which once swirled in his head ever return? Most of all, will a melody of love be powerful enough to overcome all obstacles?

Book Review:

As many of you know, romance is not a genre that I overly enjoy. However, when the opportunity arose for me to review this book, I was intrigued and decided to give it a shot. And I’m not sorry that I did. There was much about the story that I enjoyed. Especially the characters. Each one of them seemed real and all I wanted was to get to know each one of them more and know that everything would turn out all right for them.

Both Julian and Glenn struggle with overcoming their difficult pasts. I loved being able to watch them grow and develop despite everything that they had been through, even using their past circumstances to grow stronger.

While it was such a pleasure to be able to face these characters’ pasts with them head on, there was one aspect of the story itself that seemed to fall flat for me. The way that Glenn’s past comes back to haunt him is supposed to keep the readers on the edges of their seats. However, I felt it came about in such a cliche way that it drew me out of the story.

However, I still really enjoyed this book. It is a sweet story of faith and love and trusting in both to be able to overcome obstacles. If you enjoy romance and music-based fiction, I would recommend this novel.

I had received a complimentary copy of the book and this is my honest opinion.

About the Author:

B.M. Baker currently resides with her family in Central Illinois. When not writing or working her medical transcription job, she can be found making memories with her family, or playing with her Yorkshire Terrier, Snoopy. She enjoys crocheting, and is a lover of music, playing the piano, violin, and flute. She has been writing stories from the time she was old enough to hold a pencil, and has forever been a bookworm. She began writing her first novel as a teenager, and has since written twenty-plus books. A few have been self-published, with more to come, Lord willing! Her love of Jesus, music, and medicine is evident in her writing. Her greatest desire for her books is that her readers will be blessed, and be pointed to the Author of the greatest love story of all time.