Update: I Survived Finals

Hey everybody! Sorry for the long wait for a new post. I’m trying to be more consistent but that hasn’t worked out. Hopefully, over my winter break from school, I’ll have time to read and review another book for you! Finals are finally over, and so I have a little bit more time on my hands. I also hope to be writing some more, since I haven’t really gotten the chance due to school.

My life has been quite crazy. I was accepted into Trinity Christian College and am so excited to be attending there Fall of 2020. I have been currently attending Waubonsee Community College here in Illinois. The experience at Waubonsee has been amazing for me, and if it wasn’t for my English professor there, I probably wouldn’t be majoring in English. I am so ready, though, to transfer over to Trinity. Just one more semester at Waubonsee, and then I am done! I honestly can’t wait to see what my experience at Trinity will be like and the friends that I will make.

I have also quite been enjoying being a part of Celebrate Lit. It gives me a chance to read in the busy schedule of mine. Usually, reading isn’t a priority for me. But being a part of Celebrate Lit has kind of forced me to be one. And I am so happy it has because I absolutely love to read! I hope everybody is enjoying my reviews from there.

I’m not sure which book I will be reviewing next, but I do have a few ideas in mind. I apologize for my lack of my own personal reviews, but as I said before, reading has not been my top priority lately. Studying for finals has. It’s the life of a college student.

I hope that everybody has a merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, that is okay. I hope you have a wonderful December! And to all my fellow college students, I hope that finals are going well!