Update: Reading, Writing, and Online Shopping

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is healthy and safe right now and have stayed sane during quarantine. During quarantine, I finished my last semester at Waubonsee Community College and will be graduating with my associates degree (although there won’t be an actual graduation). I will be moving on to get my Bachelor’s at Trinity Christian College in English in the fall. After I finished this semester school, however, I have been catching up on some reading! So I’m hoping in the next week or two I will have another book review out. I know I haven’t been reviewing a lot of books apart from Celebrate Lit, but I am hoping that will change soon. Celebrate Lit reading has been taking up most of my time, but I also want to crack open this huge book of stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald that’s been sitting on my shelf for a few months now.

Also during this quarantine, I have been doing a lot of writing! This previous semester at Waubonsee, I took a creative writing class. That helped me to break down some writing barriers, and now I have been experimenting with different genres and ideas. The class also taught me a lot-and I can already tell that my writing has grown from that experience.

Other than that, I’ve been hanging out with my friends (virtually) and been spending time with my family. I’ve also just been trying to stay positive throughout all of this and have been hoping things go back to normal soon. Especially since online shopping is so tempting and I don’t have a lot of money to spend. College student problems. 
But to spread some positivity, I am going to list a few things that I am thankful for:
My family and friends. Obviously. 
I’ve always been thankful for books. But at this time, with everything going on, I am extra thankful for them. For more than half of this quarantine, I’ve been able to get lost in different worlds and time periods and forget about what is going on in the world around me for just a few hours. But it’s sad when I put the book down and have to go back to reality. 
I am also thankful for writing, too. One thing that I love about writing is that I have control over my characters’ lives and what happens to them. And even though I don’t have control over what is going on around me, I am able to have control in that. Which is so relieving. 
As I said before, I hope that everybody is staying safe and positive and using this time to their advantage. Always remember that God is in control and everything will work out for His glory.